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Class Styles

We offer several classes of different styles for all levels. Whether you are stepping into a dance studio for the first time, or are ready to advance your skill, we have many forms to choose from.

Classes we offer:
Terrific 2’s & 3’s – A 35-minute class (must be 2 years old by the start of the session). A fun intro to movement, motor skill development, and creative expression. Intro to dance incorporating basic rhythms, movement, patterns, and creativity while learning to follow a teacher’s directions and engaging in a social situation with other 3 year olds.

Pre-School Combination – A 45-minute class (ages 3.6- 5 years old). This combination offers beginning ballet and movement skills, intro to tap and rhythm work, and some basic tumbling skills.

Ballet – The background of all dance forms offers coordination, grace, discipline, and poise, just to name a few. You will learn balance, control, strength, and an appreciation for this beautiful art.

Pointe – An advanced form of Ballet. This class is by instructor invitation only and requires a minimum of two years of Classical Ballet Training. Must be taken with appropriate Ballet class.

Tap – Teaches rhythm, foot patterns and coordination.

Jazz – Incorporates isolations, turns, leaps, kicks, flexibility and combinations. Jazz takes on many styles, for instance free style, funky, lyrical, modern, and even street style. We introduce the needed basics and flavor it up with many different styles.

Acrobatics – Requires flexibility and strength. Movements involving various balances, tumbling skills and progressions.

Lyrical/Contemporary – Offered to ages 8 years old and up. Combines the styles of Ballet and Jazz using interpretation and storytelling through movement. Expression and emotion are an important part of a lyrical performance.

Modern/Contemporary – Combining the fluid lines of ballet, the strength of jazz, and the styles of the many Modern greats such as Horton and Graham.

Broadway Jazz – Classic jazz technique for cleaner more fluid movement combined with a touch of the theatrical, using the great show tunes from now and then. We will also cover basic acting skills.

Hip Hop – Originated in the 1970s and is the culture from where rap emerged. Originally it included graffiti art and break dancing. Hip Hop dancing incorporates the beat and syncopation of the music through body movement. Hip Hop builds creativity, coordination, and musicality. Join the excitement today!

Competition Level Classes – For the more dedicated dancer. Please ask for a competition information packet by either calling the studio or stopping by.